Centro Antroposofico


Dear friends of the Centro, dear guests,
On the outside, things are quiet at the Centro because, as every year in May, there are only a few guests spending their holidays here. Still invisible, but wanting to take shape, a lot is in motion, though.
Several interested parties from the island have approached us to take over the restaurant. We are confident that we will be able to introduce our new tenants in our next newsletter. A new room concept is to serve the restaurant in its function as a meeting place, and we are planning further beautification and smaller renovation measures for the near future.
 On the finca, our volunteer programme via "WWOOFing" has started for the second time. Two
people are volunteering to work with us until the summer under the leadership of Nicola Magistrali. He has been supporting us at the finca with heart and energy since the beginning of 2022, and we are grateful to him for having accompanied a transitional period into a biodynamic, professional take on the gardening and planting tasks of the finca. This cooperation will end in September.
Many inspirational discussions concerningfor the future of the finca took place with expert guests, but also with people who live here. The personal exchange at the beginning of the year with Juan José Sánchez Díaz, the president of Demeter in Spain, who fortunately lives a few islands away and knows the Finca Lomos Altos well, and also with the biodynamic gardener Annadelia Laterza, who joined us for a week, made it clear to us once again how much potential there is in this special place, the birthplace of the Fundación, and its garden and cultivation areas.


We want to explore that potential and are looking for a gardener for our finca!
The different considerations encouraged us to actively search for someone who might feel called to manage the finca biodynamically: Someone who can revitalise the soilearth in a place without a humus layer, with very little rainfall and strong wind, light and heat influences, but also someone who is fundamentally capable of seeing how circles can be closed and who can work with us on a conceptual reorientation.
We offer: a challenging mission!
And we offer a stimulating environment, support and helping hands. In addition to our volunteer island group, which takes care of the earth every Tuesdays, and the volunteers from the WWOOFing programme in early summer, we are striving to host two volunteers of a German anthroposophically- oriented organisation called „EOS“ for one year, starting in September 2023. As the good soul on site, Birgit Otto, will of course accompany each newcomer and help with any questions.


We have the impression that the stars are aligned for the search for people who
could become supporting pillars for the anthroposophical impulse on the island!
Still- You are welcome to help us actively by forwarding our call for applications.
You can find our announcements via this link:
Of course, donations can also be made at any time specifically for the biodynamic cultivation on our finca!
With best regards
On behalf of the board
Mikaela Nowak
Centro Antropsófico